Sunday, 2 April 2017

Adrian Mole's 50th Birthday Bash

Dear Diary

A friend of mine has a granddaughter who never wants things to end. Today, I understood how the granddaughter feels.

Adrian Mole turned 50 today and a birthday bash was held for him. As happens at parties such as these, there were people talking about how they knew Adrian, what Adrian meant to them, and what it must be like to be Adrian.

One person spoke of how he came to Leicester because of Adrian's influence. Hearing the person speak reminded me how, many years ago, when I first came to Leicester, it felt like I'd been here before and I was coming back and how, many years later, I attributed this to Adrian's influence.

Like my friend's granddaughter, I didn't want today to end because the company and conversation were very good.

The food and the cake were very good as well.

I might take a nap now and think about how to put, in words, the taste of pineapple and cheese on a stick.

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