Ambrose Musiyiwa has worked as a community media activist, a freelance writer/journalist and a teacher.

He facilitates Conversations with Writers, a blog that presents interviews with writers, publishers and literary activists.

He also facilitates CivicLeicester, a YouTube channel that aims to showcase the talent that the various community groups and individuals living and working in and around Leicester represent.

Currently he is working on another story.


Short Stories
  • "Danfo Driver", Writing Free, Weaver Press, Harare, 2011
  • "The Bracelet", Conversations with Writers, February 17, 2010: Click here to read online.
  • "Two Dreams", Tripod: The magazine for new writing from the Literature Network, Issue 2, Summer 2007
  • "Living on Promises and Credit", Writing Now, Weaver Press, Harare, 2005
  • "Diary of an Asylum Seeker" [A work in progress]: Click here to read online.

Journalism [Samples]:

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