Friday, 14 September 2007

Notes on Asylum Seekers and the Right to Work

At present, asylum seekers are not allowed to work during the first year of their application for political asylum. They can apply for permission to work after those 12 months but even then permission to work is not always granted.

Those who have had their claims refused are not allowed to work at all. They are given subsistence support in the form of vouchers if they are unable to return to their countries of origin and sign forms to say they are willing to go back to their countries as soon as possible.

Those who cannot sign to say they will go back to their countries of origin are deprived of both the right to work and subsistence support.

Some of the effects of not working and not receiving subsistence support.

Why should asylum seekers should be allowed to work?

Benefits of work or gainful occupation or employment on the health (in the broadest meaning of the word "health") of individuals and communities and conversely,

The effects of enforced idleness/unemployment on the health of individuals and communities

Benefits to the economy
Who has been calling for asylum seekers to be allowed to work?

Asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants and organizations representing them

Health professionals


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