Friday, 30 October 2015

On Zimbabwean schools that banned cereals after students used them to brew beer

In September, The Chronicle reported that a number of boarding schools in Zimbabwe have banned students from bringing certain types of breakfast cereals to school because some of the students are using the cereals to brew beer.

The report was subsequently picked up by a number of international media organisations, among them, SABC News, The Guardian, TIME and RT.

To me, the incident suggests the students are highly resourceful, creative and enterprising. It also suggests they have multi-faceted skills and aptitude that should be encouraged, rewarded and developed.

The schools mentioned in the report are: Tennyson Hlabangana High School, Cyrene Boys High and Embakwe.

Does anyone know what the schools' science teaching and learning resources and facilities are like? Are the schools OK for textbooks, equipment, facilities and resources or can they do with support in sourcing these?

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