Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Sign of Jonah

Jonah was a fisherman.
The Lord said to Jonah, "Go there."
Jonah said, "No.
I am a fisherman.
I know where the fish are.
There's where I go."

The Lord sulked.

Jonah was a fisherman.
He took his boat to sea, to go
where the fish were. Halfway there,
The Lord raised a big storm,
Broke Jonah's boat
And drowned Jonah -

Or, so The Lord thought.

But ... er ... Jonah was a fish ...
er ... man. Jonah turned into a big fish
And swam to shore.

Not to be out done, The Lord made tell
how he'd told Jonah, "Go there"
and Jonah'd said, No
And how he, The Lord
had cooked up a big storm,
and broke Jonah's boat,
And how he, The Lord,
had sent a big fish to save Jonah
And how the big fish had taken Jonah
To the place he, The Lord,
Had said to Jonah, "Go to this place."

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